Rights & Permissions

Through new technologies, books have received vastly increased exposure and readers can experience whole new ways of reading. With these exciting developments, the understanding and respect for the author’s copyright can easily diminish as content is copied and pasted simply with the click of a mouse. We thank you for making the effort to read this page and to follow copyright law by seeking formal permission to use or republish content owned by our authors.

As publishers we are responsible for making sure that the author of a book receives his or her share of the income from that book; however, when content is copied and reproduced without permission we cannot fulfill that mandate. Some authors are more interested in knowing that their content is distributed widely and would like to forego income from permissions. In those cases, the publishing house still needs to request its share of the permissions fee so it can continue to offer rights administration services to all its authors. You may not be aware that the need for (legal) administration related to copyright issues has increased manifold in recent years; in some cases the law has changed and publishers need to prepare and provide content for free to, for example, organizations that work with the visually impaired. Obviously, such and other demands require high administrative, formatting, and other efforts and cost.

Rights Limitations
Due to either an expired copyright or a misdirected inquiry, we receive many requests that we cannot process. Please be aware that Crossroad does not hold rights in the following instances:

  • Out of Print Books: If a book has gone out of print with The Crossroad Publishing Company, then we no longer hold rights and cannot grant you permission to reprint material under any circumstance. In most cases, the rights revert back to the author or his or her estate. Please contact the current rights holder in order to acquire the necessary permission.
  • Previous Imprints: Please note that we do not hold the current copyright to any of the previous imprints that have been co-published by Crossroad, including Seabury Press, Meyer Stone, or Continuum Publications. Please contact these respective presses regarding your rights inquiry.
  • Secondary Permission: If the work you wish to reprint from is taken from a collected work, please consult the acknowledgment section of the collection to discern the original publisher of the work. That is who you need to contact. We cannot grant permission for work that is copyrighted by another publisher.

We hope this information is helpful. However, should your permission request fall outside of any of the aforementioned categories, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at rights@crossroadpublishing.com.

Thank you for your interest in books by The Crossroad Publishing Company!

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