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The Crossroad Publishing Company (www.crossroadpublishing.com)
The Crossroad Publishing Company is a leading independent publisher with roots in the 200-year-old family heritage of the publishing house of Herder, in existence since 1798. The Crossroad Publishing Company was first developed in 1980 as an influential imprint at the Episcopal Seabury Press, and is heir to the prestigious booklists of B. Herder Book Company, founded 1884 in St. Louis, Missouri, and later Herder & Herder in New York.

As did the earliest publications during the late 1700s and early 1800s, such as The Detailed Account of the Conversion of Philipp Luchs, The Young Jesus, and Prayer Book for Citizens and Farmers, our books today seek to present and guide the reader to relevant, life-giving content, wisely chosen and expertly prepared. From the beginning of the company’s journey stood the desire to make educational and inspirational materials widely accessible. Today, in an environment that offers readers unlimited available content, it is our mission to bring attention to the best of life-giving words.

Our books are consistent with basic Judeo-Christian values, advocate the dignity of life, and aim to share the rich experience of the Catholic people, their brothers, sisters, and friends around the globe and in history. Our catalog includes the most stellar writings on spiritual tradition, discipline and formation; writings in support of family life, community building and personal and professional development; and writings of academic brilliance in search of theological and mystical truth.

During a time when material concerns seem to carry undisputed authority over all areas of our lives, Crossroad and Herder & Herder books act as signposts toward the bold promise, permanence, and, indeed, happiness of a life directed by faith, hope, and love.

The Crossroad Publishing Company presents the following programs and imprints:

The best of classic and contemporary spirituality in the Christian and other religious and spiritual traditions.

Look for these great authors:
Ignatius of Loyola, Benedict of Nursia, Thomas Keating, Timothy Gallagher, Dean Brackley, Henri Nouwen, Ronald Rolheiser, Joan Chittister, Richard Rohr, Paula D’Arcy, Ludmila Javarova, and Lorenzo Albacete.

Family life
Value-based parenting, family catechesis, relationship school, Catholic marriage, and holy sex education.

Look for these helpful guides:
Gregory Popcak, Elizabeth Ficocelli, David Robinson, and Angelo Stagnaro.

Catechesis, church year, Catholic history, and storytelling.

Look for the finest in Catholic storytelling:
The Martyrs of the Twentieth Century, Pope Benedict XVI, Mother Teresa, and Joan of Arc.

The Bad Catholics Guides
Q: ”Why do you call your books The Bad Catholic’s Guides?”

John Zmirak: “The answer is honesty. Take our faith seriously, and you’ll find yourself falling short, and conceive of yourself as a sinner. I also think that humor is the best catechist. Modern Americans don’t lose their faith by reading Jack Chick pamphlets or Christopher Hitchens’s books, but after watching dozens of George Carlin routines that render the Church ridiculous. In these books I turn the tables, and show the absurdity of the World, the Flesh, and the Devil . . . so people can laugh themselves right back into good habits . . . maybe even monastic habits.”

Look for these hilarious volumes:
The Bad Catholic’s Guide to Good Living, The Bad Catholic’s Guide to Wine Whiskey and Song, and The Bad Catholic’s Guide to the Seven Deadly Sins, The Bad Catholic’s Catechism.

Professional and Personal Development
Sound advice for everyday living in this wonderful and sometimes crazy world.

Look for these practical books:
The Soul of a Leader, The Enemies of Excellence, God Help Me! These People Are Driving Me Nuts!, The Soul of a Leader, When Helping You Is Hurting Me, When People Grieve, and The New Life Fasting Book.

Crossroads’ trade imprint offers meaningful popular books that continuously receive distinguished awards and industry acclaim. Valuing trusted perspectives and cutting edge presentation, we offer books and related products on issues of spirituality, parenting, relationships, and social change.

Look for these great authors:
Pope Francis, Pope Benedict XVI (Joseph Ratzinger), Paula D’Arcy, Avery Cardinal Dulles, Abraham Heschel, Pope John Paul II, Elizabeth Johnson, Thomas Keating, Henri J. M. Nouwen, Thomas Merton, Gregory Popcak, Richard Rohr, Elizabeth Schussler-Fiorenza, and George Weigel.

Herder & Herder
Since 1798 Herder has been publishing works of knowledge and understanding for God’s people. As the English-language heir to the renowned international Catholic publishing company, Herder & Herder continues to offer engaging books of original thinking, pastoral sensitivity, and prophetic vision.

Look for the finest in original and prophetic literature on:
Mysticism, Trinity, sacraments, Catholic thought, worldwide theology,
Church leadership, and ministry and history.

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